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AI Skincare

How Nu Skin Uses AI Technology to Drive Personalization

Jul 16, 2021 · 4 minutes read
How Nu Skin Uses AI Technology to Drive Personalization

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world around us in powerful and exciting ways. As AI becomes more advanced, brands are now able to use this technology to analyze data and create digital experiences customized to the needs of each consumer.

These AI-powered experiences are creating a framework for more personalized omnichannel consumer experiences.

How AI Creates Personalized Skincare Experiences

One of the most exciting frontiers for AI-powered beauty tech is in skincare; with advanced phone and computer cameras, AI and machine learning (ML) can be leveraged to analyze a user’s face to detect specific skin concerns, including wrinkles, moisture, dark circles, texture variances, spots, and more. This smart AI technology can then recommend the best products for an individual user’s skin type, based on their specific skin concerns. What makes AI such an exciting tool for skincare is not just in its personalized prescriptions, but in its impact on the consumer skincare journey over time. By giving a user the ability to easily and regularly monitor their skin health progress, AI is helping create a personalized experience that best serves the individual consumer’s skincare needs.

The question remains, however: what does the future of AI innovation look like across the skincare category?

To help answer this question, Wayne Liu, SVP and General Manager of Perfect Corp. sat down with Emily Evangelista, Vice President of Global Digital, and Yoko Little, Vice President of Global Product Marketing from Nu Skin to discuss how AI is currently utilized in the skincare industry, whether it’s living up to the promise of the technology it offers, and how Nu Skin has deployed the technology to offer better personalization to their clients in an increasingly digital market.

Watch the full presentation below:
Demystifying AI in Skincare: Hope or Hype?

How AI is Revolutionizing and Modernizing Skincare Marketing

Creating a personalized AI experience in skincare begins with facial recognition, and having a high-quality camera is a key component. Today, consumers have instant and easy access to high-quality cameras, most commonly through their smartphones, and this accessibility has transformed the role of technology in skincare.

The level of analysis available through AI technology is enough to rival a skilled aesthetician. For example, Perfect Corp.’s AI skin analysis technology can instantly detect a variety of common skin health conditions, like dark circles, moisture, redness, spots, and more.

AI machine learning for skin analysis
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What makes the AI engine so powerful is the data set that serves as the baseline for analysis. The technology was developed using over 70,000 clinical images and an AI machine learning algorithm to create an experience that delivers instant and accurate skin assessment for all skin types and ethnicities. The technology generates a skin score for customers to use as a baseline to be used when tracking their skin health and monitor improvements over time, helping to build a more personalized skincare journey.

Perfect Corp.’s Best-in-Class AI Skin Tech for Brands

Perfect Corp.’s AI-driven skin tech solutions provide a personalized skin diagnostic experience for users by generating skin health metrics for common skincare concerns and recommending specific product solutions tailored to the individual.

skin dairyskin diary

AI engines like those utilized by Perfect Corp. are unique in an evolving industry, because they focus on scientific validation rather than simple, unverifiable image projection. By utilizing clinical studies within the data set, and basing analytical algorithms on the consistent factors dermatologists use - including lighting conditions, heat mapping, and contour analysis - the diagnostic results are on par with professional results.

So is AI in skincare hope or hype? While there are scientifically driven AI engines for skin diagnostics, like Perfect Corp.’s, there are also less sophisticated technologies that yield unreliable results. Though there is both hope and hype within AI skincare, the potential for the technology is definitely a sign of hope and a tool that both brands and consumers will continue to rely on throughout their skincare journey to help make more confident purchases decisions.

A Look at Nu Skin’s Personalized AI Skincare Experience

Over the past year, amid the global pandemic, industries that have long relied on face-to-face interactions needed to adapt quickly to a digital-first world. Nu Skin, the trailblazing direct-to-consumer personal care brand, relies on a network of 70,000 “affiliates,” and was challenged to alter their approach and adopt a digital-first strategy to provide professional-quality skincare recommendations without in-person consultations.

“For us at Nu Skin, it is really about personalization,” says Evangelista. “We know that personalization is key to our consumers. We feel like it’s really a differentiator for us as a brand.”

To leverage AI in their personalization efforts, Nu Skin partnered with Perfect Corp., deploying AI skin tech within the brand’s internal skin diagnostic engine, Vera. Using Vera, clients upload a photo, receive an instant, unique skincare diagnostic, and get personalized product recommendations tailored to their specific results.

NU SKIN AI ConsultationNU SKIN AI Consultation

For Nu Skin, AI is only one piece of their personalization puzzle. They use Vera in conjunction with personal assessments to further understand their customers and then leverage a custom algorithm to optimize their recommendations. AI is instrumental in Nu Skin’s strategy to deliver a personalized, digital-first customer experience to foster brand loyalty and drive growth.

Watch the complete webinar discussion for more insights into the future of AI skin tech and the unique ways that Nu Skin is reimagining their consumer shopping experience through AI and personalization.

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