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AI Shade Finder

How AI Foundation Shade Matcher Helps Customers Find Their Shades

Aug 27, 2021 · 5 minutes read

Finding the perfect foundation takes trial and error. It requires sampling multiple products and shade variations, which may not be possible during the pandemic when stores are closed or physical product samples are not used. If your business is trying to market these types of products in an online store, how can you help consumers discover and choose the best color matches to boost purchase confidence?

It’s not as simple as picking a semi-close shade. Knowing how to find your foundation shade is one of beauty’s biggest questions because of the large diversity of skin colors and tones. Consumers might not even know what part of their body to try and match the product to. Should it be their neck, forehead, or arm? Even so, skin tone appears different in varying light conditions and light temperatures.

Perfect Corp. has a solution for this age-old problem. The Perfect Corp. Shade Finder simplifies the process by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect a user’s skin tone and recommend the best shades. It may be just the tool brands need to solve the problems consumers are facing.

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Advanced AI Smart Shade Finder: How Does It Work?

An AI foundation shade matcher may sound like something from science fiction, but technology breakthroughs have made it entirely possible for your customers to try this outright from the comfort of their own homes. With Perfect Corp.’s product, advanced AI deep-learning technology, and 10 million sample models across all skin tone groups are used to assist in the shade match.

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All a user has to do is enable the camera or use a photo to allow the technology to work and detect their skin tone. Once the image is taken, the Shade Finder gives foundation recommendations, and users can instantly try on the matches or other closely matched shades. It will identify whether the user has cooler or warmer undertones and make suggestions accordingly.

While there are only six main skin tone types, these can be further broken down into nearly infinite possibilities. For brands worried that some consumers might be excluded, think again. The AI Smart Shade Finder supports 89,969 unique skin tones, meaning all customers will be represented.

The process is accurate and precise with zero wait time. Customers will immediately get their results and be able to start shopping for a brand’s curated product. And because all SKUs can be mapped with 100% accuracy, there will be no color inaccuracies or false skin tone matches.

Advanced AI Smart Shade Finder: Why It Works Well

Since consumers don’t have to go into a store to use this technology, they’ll take advantage of it in spaces where they’re most comfortable. This might be a dimly lit bedroom or a sunlight-flooded patio. While this offers them ideal convenience, these settings might not be ideal for capturing a true-to-color image of themselves.

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Perfect Corp.’s foundation color finder technology automatically detects environmental lighting conditions. If the conditions are too bright or dark, it will let users know so they can adjust the lighting. The technology will ensure users have adequate lighting to take the skin tone analysis so they can receive the correct detection results.

But what if the consumer doesn’t have the opportunity to adjust the lighting? Perfect Corp.’s technology also uses AI machine learning to compensate for various lighting temperatures. This also helps the foundation shade finder technology to find a user’s true skin tone even under non-ideal lighting conditions.

This is possible because YouCam’s latest engine is based on a continuous color space, which covers the full spectrum of human skin tones. This allows the product to capture unlimited grades from light to dark, as well as unlimited undertones from cool to warm.

Highest Accuracy: Best AI Smart Technology on the Market

Perfect Corp.’s foundation Shade Finder is one of the most cutting-edge tools in the virtual try-on market. It’s trusted by numerous international cosmetic brands, and it’s a solution even smaller companies can trust.

Because of the advanced technology used, the product can support full skin tone shades so every customer is represented. There’s also a high level of precision thanks to the bucket-less solution that ensures 100% accuracy. Finally, all shades are a perfect match to the naked eye, meaning customers will be more than satisfied with their results.

With this type of product on hand, brands can give their customers what they’re looking for in an online shopping experience. They’ll be able to find products that match perfectly, which may even reduce returns and increase their chances of becoming repeat, lifelong customers.

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