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The Rise of Fashion Tech: How Fashion Accessory Brands Can Use AR for Personalization

Sep 8, 2021 · 4 minutes read

Over the past year, the retail landscape has undergone a digital transformation. As consumers move away from in-store shopping and turn to brands for immersive and personalized digital experiences, augmented reality technology has become an essential aspect of the online shopping journey. For fashion and fashion accessory brands, augmented reality is integral to creating an engaging online shopping experience. More than ever before, consumers are seeking out tools and digital experiences that can help them find the clothing and accessories best fit for their personal style. Augmented reality and other fashion tech solutions have quickly emerged as the answer to personalization and purchasing confidence in fashion retail.

The Rise of Fashion Tech

From virtual try-on experiences that allow consumers to try on clothing or shoes before they buy to AR filters that allow users to experiment with different eyewear and jewelry styles from their mobile devices, fashion tech integrations enable brands to meet consumers where they are and connect with consumers in a hyper-personalized way.

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Fashion tech tools featuring augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies also help to increase purchasing confidence as consumers can see how clothing and fashion accessories (e.g. earrings) will look before they purchase a new item for their wardrobe. In an industry where on average 30%-50% of all purchases are returned, fashion tech provides tremendous value to both brands and consumers. For brands, fashion tech tools such as virtual try-on help to increase online sales, build personalized experiences, reduce item returns and customer service calls. For consumers, virtual try-on provides a highly engaging digital touch point with the brand that helps to inspire and increase purchasing confidence. This is especially important for luxury products such as jewelry (earrings, necklaces, and bracelets) where a consumer needs to interact with and feel certain about an item before investing.

How The Digital Transformation Changed Consumer Habits and Accelerated Fashion Tech

During the pandemic, fitting rooms and in-store try-ons became inaccessible as lockdowns and social distancing guidelines forced many brick and mortar stores to temporarily close. Faced with this challenge, fashion brands sought to optimize their ecommerce sales and bring the in-store experience of fashion online in an engaging and personalized way. To meet this need, brands turned to fashion tech solutions to enhance their onsite shopping experiences. As a result of this acceleration, digital and on-site experiences powered by fashion tech have become the new normal. Consumers have come to expect “try before you buy” experiences online, setting the stage for the future of fashion retail.

How Fashion Accessory Brands Can Use Augmented Reality to Create Personalized Virtual Try-On Experiences 

To create an engaging virtual try-on experience, fashion accessory brands need to leverage highly accurate and realistic AR and AI technologies that can simulate how products would look and move if a person tried on the product in-store. Fashion accessory brands looking to create high-impact virtual try-on experiences can partner with Perfect Corp. to integrate hyper-realistic augmented reality across their websites, apps and ecommerce touchpoints.

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With Perfect Corp.’s 3D Virtual Accessory Try-On, fashion accessory brands can easily implement a virtual try-on experience that accurately recreates the in-store experience of trying on earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Perfect Corp.’s advanced AR earrings 3D model supports high resolution textures, material reflections and motion physics. This technology allows fashion accessory brands to create true-to-life experiences. Customers can try on multiple earring styles in seconds, while also seeing how earring styles will look and move when they are worn.

Fashion eyewear brands can also harness the power of AI to create highly engaging virtual try-on experiences. With Perfect Corp.’s AI-powered virtual try-on for glasses, eyewear brands can accurately and effortlessly simulate how eyeglasses and sunglasses will look on a shopper’s face. What enables Perfect Corp. to provide the most advanced and realistic eyewear virtual try-on available today is its AI-powered pupillary distance auto-detection. Pupillary distance refers to the distance between two pupils. By instantly measuring pupillary distance, Perfect Corp.’s technology ensures that the\ virtual eyewear frame precisely fits the customer’s face and mirrors a physical eyewear try-on.

Virtual Try-On is Proven to Drive Consumer Engagement and Online Sales

For fashion and beauty brands, integrating virtual try-on is not only a great way to provide customers with a personalized experience, but it is also a proven strategy for increasing sales and digital engagement metrics.

 Virtual Try-On Drive Consumer Engagement and Online Sales

After integrating a virtual makeup try-on, Tarte Cosmetics observed a +200% increase in conversion for consumers who had experienced virtual try-on. The brand also saw a +30% increase in product add-to-carts and a triple-digit increase in time spent on site.

What’s more, Natural beauty and skincare brand Marianna Naturals experienced a +300% increase in overall site traffic, a +30% increase in conversions, and a +330% increase in average time spent on site.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty and fashion tech revolution. Contact us to learn more about the AI Virtual 3D Eyewear and 3D earring solutions.

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