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5 Soft Girl Hairstyles for the Best Aesthetic Selfies

Aug 7, 2021 · 4 minutes read

Many of us have heard of hot girl summer, but there’s now a new cool-girl aesthetic in town. Soft Girl is a super cute aesthetic popular among young women on social media. The style of a soft girl is characterized by ultra-feminine looks, exaggerated cuteness, and soft and pastel colors for clothes, makeup, and hair.

Many of us think that these cute styles are only for celebrities and social media influencers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article, we’ll explore the trendiest hairstyles that will complete your soft girl look.

What Is a Soft Girl Aesthetic?

Before we get into which hairstyles will help bring out your soft girl look, let’s first review this trend. Fashion style plays a big role in the soft girl aesthetic. To achieve it you’ll need to rock a feminine look consisting of pastel colors, floral and heart patterns, heavy blush makeup, oversized sweatshirts, and plaid skirts. The more your clothes can play up your playful personality, the better!

We’ll explore five easy and cute soft girl hairstyles below, and share how you can find your own soft Girl hairstyle right in the YouCam Makeup app for a quick virtual try.

Soft Girl Hairstyle #1: Butterfly Clips

Now making a comeback as part of the soft girl look, 90s girls will remember butterfly clips well. Use these fun colorful clips to hold hair back from your face, or to just accentuate your regular hairstyle. >>Try the Look!

Soft Girl Hairstyle #2: Space Buns

Many of us think that space buns are reserved for trendy girls at a music festival, but they are reinventing themselves as the hairstyle of choice for those who want the soft girl look. Go with either one big bun or one on either side of your head.

*Tips: Make them look a little softer by pulling out a few hairs to frame your face, or consider only using the hair on the top of your head, and curling the bottom layers of your hair with soft waves.

Soft Girl Hairstyle #3: Bangs

A hairstyle with bangs is part of the quintessential soft girl look. Many fans of this aesthetic like to go with straightened bangs, even if you have curly hair.

*Tips: Try bangs that are straight across, or go with altered lengths for a bit more fun.

Soft Girl Hairstyle #4: Go Pastel

Pastel colors are a must for the soft girl look, but committing to dying your hair can be a tough task and an expensive one. Want to try it out but not sure which pastel color will fit you best? You can virtually try on multiple hair colors in real-time with the YouCam Makeup app to see which one you should commit to before actually dyeing your hair!

To try it out, first, download the YouCam Makeup app. Upload a photo of yourself, or take a selfie that shows your hair and face. Then, tap Makeup and Hair. Next, navigate to Hair Color and navigate through the many colors and products available to virtually try on. You can adjust the saturation of the color as well as the shine in your look. If you happen to find a color and product you love, you can quickly and easily purchase it with just a few more taps. >>Try hair colors in YouCam Makeup now!

Soft Girl Hairstyle #5: Pastel Rainbow

Sometimes one hair color just won’t do. Why stick to just one pastel color when you can have multiple?! Try several vivid multicolor hair options with YouCam Makeup to find your favorite! Navigate to Makeup and then Hair within the app, but this time instead of tapping on just one color, tap on Muti-Colors and explore through the many color variations available. >> Try it now!

Find Your Next Soft Girl Hairstyle With YouCam Makeup, the Best Hair Color App

Now that you know all the components of a soft girl hairstyle look, you’re ready to give it a try yourself! Go out and grab yourself some butterfly clips and pastel clothes, but before you run to dye your hair, give the Hair Color feature in the YouCam Makeup app a try. Simply download the YouCam Makeup app now for iOS or Android!

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