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Hair Color

The Best Free Hair Color App to Try In 2021

Jun 7, 2021 · 3 minutes read

The idea of changing hair colors is something we've all thought of at one point. But what often holds us back is the uncertainty of what the finished product will look like. Will a blonde look clash with my skin tone? Will a fiery red make my teeth look yellow? No longer do you have to endlessly wonder without having an answer.

By using a hair color app, you can quickly and easily see in real-time what a change in your hairdo will look like. Not only is this convenient, but it’ll also save you time and money. You no longer have to make an appointment and sit in the salon chair for hours just to see how a new color will look, unsure of if you’ll like the result. Read on to hear more about the go-to makeup, retouch, and hair color app — YouCam Makeup.

How to Find the Best Hair Color App

Before we get into the details of YouCam Makeup, let’s talk about what a hair color app can do for you. To begin, you can quickly and easily find the color that suits you, before buying and dying your hair. You can keep up with all the trends in hair colors whether it’s the color of your favorite celebs hair or TikTok’s soft girl vibe.

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4 Top Features of YouCam Makeup Hair Color App

Now that you know what a hair color app is capable of, you know which one to download. There are so many selfie editing apps out there, but the must-have elements for a hair color changing app are a wide range of color choices, the capability to precisely capture hair in your original photo, the option to change the style, and the ability to change the intensity of your color. Lucky for you, the YouCam Makeup app has all these features and so many more.

#1: Precise Hair Detection

Once you start looking around at other hair color apps, you’ll see why YouCam Makeup is vastly superior. This app is powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technology, with unique capabilities to capture hair. This lets you outline your hair without face detection, and apply your intended color precisely.

#2: 130+ Hair Color Options

You also can't beat the sheer number of colors and styles to choose from in the YouCam Makeup app. It offers 48 single colors, 48 ombre colors, 30 two-tone colors, and eight multi-hair colors.

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YouCam Makeup app offers multiple hair color styles, including rainbow, highlight, two-tone, ombre, with a variety of color options.

#3: Flexible Adjustments (Shine, blending, and coverage)

Once you’re able to choose the color you want, you can also make personalized adjustments in the app. For two-tone and ombre colors, you’re able to switch the upper and lower colors, adjust blending and the color coverage.

For single color and multicolor hair, you can adjust the intensity to your desired look. You can also “fine-tune” and  remove unwanted parts with a brush and an eraser to make your photo and hair color look perfect. The options are truly endless!

#4: Test Real Brand Hair Colors

Another great feature of the YouCam Makeup app is the ability to try on brand name colors. The app holds the colors of hundreds of global brands, so you’re able to try renowned hair brands' colors right on your phone. No purchase required.

#5: Test Hair Color in Real-time and on Photos

With the YouCam Makeup app, you can either edit your hair color in live view, or work on a photo that you’ve uploaded. Once you’ve found your perfect hair color, you can also pair your stunning makeup look — including eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and eyebrows — all within the same app!

And once you’ve decided on your next hair look, bring it with you to the salon and ask your colorist to recreate the unique new style.

Find Your Ideal Hair Color Now!

If you’re ready to start trying out new hair custom colors on your photo or in real-time right now, there’s no time to wait! Either grab a clear, well-lit, straight-on photo or make sure you’re in a good environment if you want to use the live option. Download the YouCam Makeup app for iOS or Android to experience the best hair color-changing features right on your phone and from the comfort of your own home.

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