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5 Mermaid Makeup Looks Inspired by Disney's Little Mermaid

May 28, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Looking for a way to spice up your look without putting in too much effort? We’ve got the solution for you! With the help of the best makeup app YouCam Makeup, you can give any of these creative and mystical mermaid makeup looks a try without ever unpacking your eyeshadow palettes and brushes.

What Is a Mermaid Makeup Look?

Rather than keeping it plain, mermaid-inspired makeup looks highlight aquatic features and iridescent colors to make you stand out whether you’re underwater or on the beach. Think wavy blues, stormy purples, and coral reds — these are the hallmarks of the fantasy mermaid makeup look. It’s a bold choice to rock on a daily basis, which is why many people choose to use it for their Halloween costumes or themed events. Anytime you want to wear your mermaid makeup, do so with confidence by planning out how it will look ahead of time.

5 Mermaid Makeup Looks for Under-the-Sea Fantasy

Knowing how mermaid makeup will look on your face before you try it out is easy with the help of YouCam Makeup. This app offers virtual makeup try-on, so you can take your dreams and make them a reality — all without applying any product!

Design and test out your own mermaid makeup look until you find a combination you love. To help you get started, we’ve compiled five of our favorite and easy mermaid makeup looks below. Give them a virtual try-on to feel like the water princess you are!

1. The Mermaid Princess

If Ariel were born into Gen Z, she’d totally rock this bright and colorful two-tone look. This e-girl influenced style includes rosy cheeks paired with shimmering cheek jewels — because mermaids should always have a bit of sparkle, don’t you think?

The real highlights of the look are the red and green lips and eyes. A red top lip and a green bottom lip make you look like a ravishing sea creature from the depths below. Finish it all off with dramatic winged eyeliner, and you have a royal look that will earn you a seat next to Neptune. Try the look!

2. Dark Little Mermaid

Who says mermaids have to always be cool and composed? Turn up your vamp side with this darker version of a mermaid. This creature is the siren of lore that sailors fear every time they hit the seas.

Start the look with a two-toned lip — vibrant purple on the outside and a glowing pink along the inner parts of the mouth. But the coolest part of the look are the extra touches. A light-scale imprint along your cheek and forehead reminds passersby that you’re not quite human, while glitter shards fall down from your eyes. Finish it off with a star clip in your hair, and you’ll be ready to hit the (extra spooky) waves. Try the look!

3. The Modern Mermaid

You’re a goddess on the inside, and now you can showcase that on the outside with this two-toned look. It’s more subtle than some of the other looks on this list, but that just makes it all the more stunning once you see all the detail involved.

Rosy cheeks give you a healthy glow, while a subtle nude lip keeps things understated yet elegant. This is the chance for your eyes to steal the spotlight with a two-toned eyeshadow application. A smoky blue goes under your lower lid, while a rosy shadow hue goes on your upper. Try the look!

4. The Under-the-Sea Royalty

Another Ariel-inspired look, this one stays a bit truer to the original movie. It plays up your natural beauty by keeping the color palette simpler and more refined. Bright and bold red lips are the accent feature here, and they’ll let everyone know you’re more than just an under-the-sea sweetheart. A pastel purple eyeshadow gently highlights your eyes, while rosy cheeks help you look like you’ve just returned from a vigorous swim.

Don’t forget about your hair! It’s OK if you don’t have Ariel’s signature scarlet tresses — you’ll look positively princess-esque with a star hair clip. Try the look!

5. The Blue Crush

With aqua-blue eyeshadow and soft face makeup, this subtle and dynamic look has the best of both worlds. It’s great to wear while tempting sailors to their doom or while having a relaxing day sunning on the rocks.

The lips and cheeks stay neutral here with a light pink accent, helping your natural charisma shine through. The eyes are where you can have a bit of pop. The bright blue shadow comes up to the brow bone to help your gaze penetrate to the soul. Sometimes less is more, and that’s especially true for this mermaid look. Try the look!

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Channel the power of the ocean and give your mermaid-inspired look a try by downloading the free YouCam Makeup app to get started! (iOS & Android).

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