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How to Find the Best False Eyelashes for Everyday Wear

May 21, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Have you ever seen a social media influencer or celebrity with gorgeous, lust-worthy eyelashes and thought to yourself, “how can I get my eyelashes to look like that?” The secret is false eyelashes, and luckily, they are readily available and affordable for all levels of makeup aficionados.

How to Find the Best False Eyelashes for You

False eyelashes have the power to accentuate your eyes and bring attention to your overall eye makeup look in a way that mascara on its own simply can’t. Whether you’re wearing false eyelashes for an everyday look or whether you’re putting them on for a special occasion, it’s all achievable to do on your own at home.

Because running out to your local drug store or favorite makeup counter to look through the many options of false eyelashes available can be overwhelming, we’re sharing the five best false eyelashes for everyday wear. If you’re hesitant about trying them out, have no fear! We’ll also share how you can use YouCam Makeup app to get the same look without leaving your home.

5 Best False Eyelashes for Everyday Wear

If you’ve ever shopped for false eyelashes before, you know that the variety of options out there can be very overwhelming. From different lash styles to different lengths, and even to different colors, it can be hard to know where to begin.

YouCam Makeup is sharing our five favorite false eyelashes for everyday wear from some of the best brands like Ardell, Mademoiselle Lash, and more.

YouCam Makeup app is a free virtual makeup app with hundreds of makeup items to try, including 117 eyelashes style pairing with 27 color options, also real brand eyelashes SKUs.

These lashes are user-favorites for an everyday, natural look, and even better, you can even use the free YouCam Makeup app right from your phone to see how these eyelashes will fit your personal style. 

Scroll down to find your favorites and try in a tap now!

1. Ardell Naked Lashes #421

First on our list for the best false eyelashes for everyday wear is the Ardell Natural Lash #421. These lashes are very affordable and can be easily purchased at Target, Ulta Beauty, and a variety of other retailers, so they are accessible to just about anyone.

These barely-there lashes make it seem like you’re not wearing falsies at all! They feature a very simple crisscross pattern for added volume and are a beautiful, lightweight option that perfectly blends into your natural lashes. With a subtle volume and being mid-length, these lashes give you that look we’re all dreaming of. Tap to try in YouCam Makeup Now!

2. Mademoiselle Mila Lashes

Next on our list of the best everyday false eyelashes are the Mila Lashes by Mademoiselle Lash. These lashes will give you a fuller, yet still natural look, serving as a delicate accent on top of your natural lashes.

Lashes by Mademoiselle Lash are available through its website. This lash style is very well-reviewed, with many saying they are well-made and give off a glamorous look. Tap to try in YouCam Makeup Now!

3. E.l.f. Natural Lash Kit

Our next pick for one of the best everyday false eyelashes is the Natural Lash Kit by e.l.f. If you’re just starting your journey with falsies, these are great to begin with because they are one of the most affordable and accessible options on the market, available from e.l.f. cosmetics.

These lashes offer both natural volumizing and lengthening. They have an easy application process and a comfortable grip gel, which allows for multiple useless, so you can get that perfect, everyday look time and time again.

4. Ardell Natural Lash #110

Another great false eyelash option from Ardell is Natural Lash #110. They have high volume and short staggered lengths, mirroring the natural lash look.

These false eyelashes will simply enhance your own lashes to give you that extra boost you’re looking for, without anyone even knowing you’re wearing them. Tap to try in YouCam Makeup Now!

5. MAC Cosmetics 81 Charmer Lash

Rounding out our top five best false eyelashes for everyday wear are the 81 Charmer Lashes from a brand we all know and love, MAC Cosmetics. These simple clustered lashes will flare out your natural lash thanks to their fanned, banded design. These lashes will add a subtle definition to your look, making them ideal for everyday use.

Find Your Perfect False Eyelashes Now!

Many of us want to try false eyelashes, but even with a style recommendation, it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, the YouCam Makeup app has the perfect solution for social media users and selfie-takers who want to first try out the look before making a purchase.

Simply download and open up the YouCam Makeup app on your Apple or Android device. Next, tap either “Photo Makeup” to use one of your existing photos, or “Makeup Cam” to see a live view. Tap “makeup” at the bottom of the screen, then scroll to “eyelashes”. Once you’re here, you’ll see the option to virtually try on a variety of false eyelashes, including many of the ones listed above. Switch back and forth between styles, adjust the length of your falsies, and find your perfect match.

False eyelashes are no longer only for celebrities or special occasions. With these great accessible and natural falsies, you can easily enhance your everyday look, and even pair them with an easy-to-do winged eyeliner look or our must-try makeup aesthetics of the year.

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