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Best Makeup App: 16 Must-Know Tips

Jun 30, 2021 · 5 minutes read

You’re scrolling through Instagram when you spot the season’s hottest eyeliner trend or the buzziest new shade of lipstick, and you know immediately that you have to try it for yourself. But rather than head to your nearest mall or add every possible item to your online shopping cart without actually knowing how you’ll look or if you’ll like it, you can now test a product whenever, wherever, and without any risk of wasting money or time -- with a makeup app.

Makeup, Retouch, Hair Color App All-In-One

With the award-winning YouCam Makeup app, beauty fans can try on products virtually, apply makeup in real-time and to photos, enjoy a full true-to-life makeover, and so much more, all from the tap of your smart device.

Embraced by millions of users around the globe, with just a few clicks on YouCam Makeup app can enable you to change your entire look with everything from basic editing, like blemish removal and teeth whitening, to more advanced reshaping and modification. Choose from a long list of popular brands, including Estee Lauder, Smashbox, and Benefit Cosmetics, to try on the best and brightest new products before buying, and upgrade to YouCam Makeup’s premium version for even more interactive options.

16 Best Ways to Use YouCam Makeup App

To help you make the most of this handy makeup app, we will cover below 5 major makeup tools, from full-face makeup, finding lip colors, to discover your perfect foundation shade easily and virtually.

Read on to discover all 16 tips and tricks you didn't know can be experienced with a makeup app!

Find Perfect Eye Makeup

1. Virtual Try Eyeliner

Though it’s but a single product, eyeliner truly presents a whole world of makeup possibilities. If you’ve always longed for the perfect cat-eye or winged eyeliners but have never known where to begin, YouCam Makeup is just what you need to discover the best new eyeliner look. Try any eyeliner look imaginable, from natural to dramatic and day to night, and see how they look within seconds.

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2. Explore Eye Shadow

Whether you’re looking for a striking smoky eye or you simply want to boost your eye’s natural glow with neutrals, the virtual makeup app lets you test out a rainbow of eye shadow shades, including real-world brand colors and up to 7 patterns, and watch as they transform your entire look.

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3. Get Perfect Eyebrows

Perhaps you plucked your eyebrows to oblivion in the height of the early 2000s and now regret it, or maybe you just want to see how a new arch would look before you head to the salon. Whatever the case, YouCam Makeup allows you to try a variety of different brow shapes and styles to suit your preferences.

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4. Play with Eye Color

While changing the color of your eyes may seem a tad more daunting than simply applying a new eye shadow, it’s as easy as clicking a button with the free YouCam Makeup app. Test a wide range of eye colors and patterns, and see what eye color fits you best.

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Explore Different Makeup Styles

5. Test Daily Makeup Looks

Whether you’re searching for inspiration for wedding makeup or simply trying to find a way to spice up a tired beauty routine, you can try out every possible look within the YouCam Makeup app. With hundreds of full-face options organized into categories for seasonality and special events, you can transform your look with a tap and experiment with new styles in seconds.