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How to Choose Colored Eye Contacts for Your Eye Color

Jul 10, 2021 · 3 minutes read

The eyes are the window to the soul. So why not give the world a colorful look into who you really are? Colored eye contact lenses let you try something new. Even if you already have perfect vision, you can still wear them for a fun changeup. After all, we all get tired of staring at the same irises day in and day out.

What Are Colored Eye Contacts?

Colored eye contacts are just what they sound like — contacts, but with an eye-color-changing effect. When you put them on, they’ll cover up or enhance your natural eye color, making you look completely different.

Usually, colored eye contact lenses are used only for cosmetic purposes. But, if you also happen to have poor vision, you can get them in a prescriptive strength so you don’t have to sacrifice your sight.

The Most Attractive Eye Color

There are lots of reasons to try out different color eye contacts. Many people like to use them to improve their attractiveness. Research has found that gray eyes are the most attractive, but less than 1% of the population naturally has this eye color. So colored contact lenses can be a fun way to boost your appearance and help you stand out in a sea of typically brown and blue.

Other people may like using colored contacts to highlight cool makeup for a Halloween look, or special cosplay look for specific anime aesthetics. They may even get festive contacts to celebrate holidays and events. With so much customization available, the possibilities really are endless. That said, most lenses usually require a prescription, even if you don’t need vision correction, so consult with a doctor to make sure you’re getting the right fit for you.

2 Easy Steps to Find Colored Eye Contacts for You

Getting colored contact lenses is a lot of hassle, especially if you don’t know how to put them in or how you’ll look in them. Here are simple two steps to find the best-colored eye contact without wasting your money and time.

#1: Find the Right Color with Virtual Try-On

It would be a shame to place your order and then realize you don’t like how you look with green eyes. That’s why you should use a virtual makeup app, as YouCam Makeup mentioned here, to experiment with new eye colors. The app makes things super easy to switch up your eye hues in real-time.

You can experiment with up to 207 eye color combinations, 9 tints, and 23 color options through either the front camera or a photo on your phone. Get the app to try now!

Best Colored Eye Contacts for Light Eyes

If you have light eyes, they’re a bit easier to work with when it comes to colored contacts. You can use any kind of enhancement tint to deepen or darken your natural eye color. Because your eyes are light, you’re basically working with a blank slate since you can put anything on top of it.

Some fun things you can try include:

  • Making your natural eye color more defined. For example, if you already have blue eyes, try colored contacts in a deeper blue for a vibrant pop.
  • Going big and bold. Want to really change your look? Go dark brown. You might not even recognize yourself!

    Best Colored Eye Contacts for Dark Eyes

    Unfortunately, visibility tint and enhancement tint contacts don’t always work the best with dark eyes. That’s because your natural color is so dark that it blocks out all the transparency. But don’t fear, as you can still use opaque lenses.

    You can experiment by: 

    • Trying a lighter shade of your natural color. If you’ve got deep, dark eyes, why not lighten it up? Sticking in the same shade family as your real eyes can help things look more natural.
    • Going vibrant and bright. Since you can’t have fun with natural-looking blue or green eyes, why not go supernatural? Violet or red eyes will add an air of mystique to your look.

      #2: Know the Tints of Colored Eye Contact Lenses 

      There are three main tints of colored eye contact lenses. These include visibility tint, enhancement tint, and opaque tint. After knowing which styles of eye color you want, make sure to find the right type of tint for you before making the purchase.

      • Visibility tint: These lenses are lightly tinted so that your natural eye color still shines through. They offer a subtle enhancement and look the most natural.
      • Enhancement tint: These lenses are also translucent, but their hue is a bit darker, allowing for more striking transformations.
      • Opaque tint: As the name suggests, opaque tint lenses have no translucency and will completely alter the appearance of your eyes.

        Discover Your Colored Eye Contacts Options with YouCam Makeup! 

        Whether it’s your first time trying colored eye contacts or just searching for new options, YouCam Makeup can be your handy helper to experience eye color-changing effects from anywhere, anytime.

        On days you don’t feel like putting real eye contact, you can also change eye colors easily on your selfies with this makeup app. Try for yourself now! Available in App Store and Google Play.

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