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The Must-Try Makeup Aesthetics of 2021

Apr 16, 2021 · 3 minutes read

A chaotic and disheartening 2020 is behind us, and our eyes are focused on a beautiful 2021 ahead! While quarantine life certainly changed the glam aesthetic of our daily beauty routine over the last year, we’re excited to look ahead to the makeup looks and beauty inspiration that will set the scene for a gorgeous year to come.

Discover Different Makeup Aesthetics

As date nights out changed to zoom nights in, new social media-inspired makeup styles began to emerge. From TikTok and Instagram personas like e-girls, VSCO girls, and soft girl aesthetics, beauty lovers were forced to get creative with their aesthetic, despite their days and nights being spent at home. As we look to the biggest beauty inspiration of 2021, here are the three different trending makeup aesthetics—and how to achieve them—to kick off the new year in style. 

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Trend #1: Soft Aesthetics Makeup

While the future holds promising signs of hope, quarantines and weeks at home are not totally behind us yet. With that, soft aesthetics makeup looks will continue to be a trending beauty style in the months to come.

Natural, no-makeup-makeup will remain the go-to daily style. Think polished, glowing complexion, a glossy lip balm, and a swipe of mascara.

This simple daily look is easy to achieve in minutes and results in a polished finish that looks put together for zoom calls, and also gives you a boost of motivation despite hanging in sweatpants all day long. 

Finding complementary shades that match your complexion and highlight your natural tones takes some experimentation. That’s where the free YouCam Makeup app helps you browse, discover, and virtually try on hundreds of natural looks (like our personal favorite, pared-down style, Good Girl look), and neutral-toned products so you can find your best match before committing to purchase. Try now!

Trend #2: TikTok Aesthetics Makeup

More time at home equates to more time immersed in the digital social media universes like TikTok and Instagram. These popular social platforms sparked different makeup aesthetics that bring with them their own unique style, like aesthetic e-girl makeup, VSCO girls, and aesthetic soft girl makeup

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With limited social calendars, social media continues to be a place where Gen Z and millennial beauty lovers turn to experiment and play with their beauty style. And these unique styles aren’t stopping with the eye, lip, and face products. These social media-inspired beauty looks are matching their hair to their makeup with vibrant, muted, two-tone, and ombre hair color effects that bring each distinct persona to life.  

Experimenting with beauty products today is a whole lot easier thanks to advanced virtual try-on technology. The free YouCam Makeup app helps you discover, experiment, and shop for products virtually, simplifying all that swatching, into a fast, convenient, and impressively accurate digital try-on.

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This is especially convenient when looking to experiment with hair colors. You can browse a rainbow of a single color, two-tone, and ombre effects while adjusting the intensity and shine to find your best match. This is a fun and easy way for beauty fans to find the best matching hair and makeup looks that meet their vibe.

Trend #3: Aesthetic Eye Makeup

As personal protective gear covering the mouth and nose continue to be a part of everyday life, beauty trends are re-focusing on the eyes. Aesthetic eye makeup including eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and brow products are significantly increasing in popularity, as the eyes become a rising beauty trend for 2021.

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People are swapping their red lipstick and glossy pink lip stain for gorgeous shadows and vibrant liner looks that can still be seen when wearing face masks. We also expect to see people experimenting with all kinds of creative eye makeup looks from glam lashes to the graphic liner.

The mascara index is quickly replacing the “lipstick index”, which had been used as a metric to measure the sale of cosmetics in the past and predict economic growth.

Find Your Makeup Aesthetics for 2021 Now

Looking to personalize your 2021 style with different aesthetic makeup looks? Download the free YouCam Makeup app to discover thousands of trending styles, looks, and effects to find the signature look that will make this your most stylish year yet.

Want to know more about the latest beauty trends? Subscribe to the YouCam Makeup YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram for the hottest trends in beauty, makeup, and skincare.

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