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How Online Beauty Advisor Connects Brands and Consumers

Aug 18, 2021 · 5 minutes read

As shopping behavior has drastically shifted to online channels, beauty brands will need to fight to continue to earn profits. As many as 17% of women no longer wear makeup at all because of the pandemic (Sharkh). And for those that still do, one in five moved to the virtual space for their hair or beauty consultations (Oxberry). This isn’t a temporary change either; 46% plan to continue using virtual consultations for their future needs.

To succeed, brands need to replicate in-store, one-on-one beauty consultations in the digital environment. One way to do that is with Perfect Corp’s Beauty Advisor (BA) 1-on-1 solution. It connects consumers with expert beauty advisors directly on the brand’s website via video call. They’ll have direct access to a beauty consultant, all without leaving their home.

Online Beauty Advisor Solution Offers a New Way to Connect With Consumers

The BA 1-on-1 solution offers a plethora of benefits over conventional online or phone beauty consultations. These traditional types of consultations often involve a long wait with slow response times. Beauty consultants may not have real-time data to work with, which makes it hard to receive accurate product recommendations. 

From start to finish, the entire process is less interactive and less intuitive. To top it all off, customers won’t be able to access instant product try-on to test out the beauty advisor’s recommendations.

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With the BA 1-on-1 solution, customers receive the following benefits:

  • The ability to connect with expert beauty advisors anytime, anywhere. Customers don’t have to make an appointment or visit a physical location.
  • Instant AR try-on to see just how the beauty advisor’s recommended products look.
  • Live video that mimics the feel of an in-person consultation without the hassle.
  • Personalized recommendations from a real person that might be more comfortable for customers not accustomed to other AI beauty recommendation technology.

Beauty Advice at the Click of a Button

The best part about the BA 1-on-1 software is that it’s easy to integrate into brands’ existing platforms. Brands will receive technical support from the Perfect Corp. team throughout the process to ensure everything is working smoothly for advisors and customers alike.

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The software is also available for a wide variety of applications through the brand’s website, including:

  • Desktops
  • Mobile platforms
  • In-store consultations (using an iPad)

BA 1-on-1 Delivers Holistic Beauty Experience

Brands don’t have to sacrifice the customer experience just because they aren’t in a physical location. Online beauty advisors can offer customers the same benefits they’d have if they were in the store. They’ll be able to provide personalized recommendations combined with instant and unlimited virtual product try-on, AI skin diagnostic, and hair color try-on. If anything, these features might be more potent than what a customer could experience with in-person service.

After receiving the consultation, consumers can add products they like to the cart, creating a seamless shopping experience. Everything is managed right from the chat, meaning the customer doesn’t need to write down specific product names or try to search for them on the site later.

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To create a special experience for VIP customers, brands can even allow them to schedule calls with specific beauty advisors. This lets the customer develop a sense of trust and companionship with their advisor that will have them coming back for help and beauty product recommendations time and time again.

After the call, both the beauty advisor and the caller can provide a rating and feedback, as well as report any issues. This ensures the consultants provide great customer service and helps brands monitor customers on their site. Brands can track beauty advisor performance and customer satisfaction to reward or promote top-ranking advisors.

One example of a company that’s recently launched a virtual beauty advisor experience is Bobbi Brown. The service matches customers with an expert Bobbi Brown artist who can provide product recommendations for eyes and lips, which the customer can then try on. The advisors are also able to provide beauty tutorials for customers who need help using the products.

How Does the Service Work?

BA 1-on-1 service is easy to use from the front-end of things. For a beauty advisor, the process works like this:

  • They’ll log in from the brand website, where they can pick up a call.
  • They’ll switch into teaching mode, where they’ll have control of makeup application of looks and products, hair color, or AI skin diagnostic tools.
  • These products are virtually applied to the customer in real-time, allowing them to see what they look like.
  • If the customer likes the look, they can purchase the products right away.

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Brands can refer to this demo video to get a better idea of how the system works.

Add BA 1-on-1 to Your Online Brand Store

Want to see how Beauty Advisor 1-on-1 works? For more questions, feel free to contact our sales team.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 350+ brands globally.

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