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Photo Editing

A Complete Guide for How to Use the Clone Tool

Jul 8, 2021 · 3 minutes read

We all want to take the most beautiful, perfect picture, but more often than not, the image that we get needs some slight tweaks afterward. Enter the YouCam Perfect Clone Tool! This versatile feature helps you create unique, artistic photos and express your personality. With the Clone Tool, you can clone yourself in the photo for an interesting effect or clone objects to make beautiful photos. If you’re hoping to get rid of an aspect in your photo, you can even edit something out of the picture with the Clone tool. The possibilities are endless!

In this article, we will explore what you can do with the YouCam Perfect’s Clone Tool and also show you how to use it. Those of you who have used clone stamp tool in Photoshop in the past are likely thinking about its feature with the same name, and lucky for you, the tool in the YouCam Perfect app is very similar, although it’s free and even easier to use! With the YouCam Perfect Clone tool, you don’t have to do the painstaking work of selecting your object yourself, because the app does it for you! That means you spend more time on perfecting your image, and less time creating a pixel by pixel outline.

YouCam Perfect: Your Go-To Photo Editing App

Whether you want to change the color filter of your photo or make more drastic adjustments, the YouCam Perfect app has all the features you need to make your desired creation. The app offers numerous photo editing tools and features, including a very useful Clone Tool. So without further ado, let’s dive right in and see what you can do with it!

#1. Clone Yourself

As the name suggests, you can clone objects (including people) with the Clone Tool in the YouCam Perfect app, and we think, the more the merrier! You can clone yourself in just a few taps to create amazing, one-of-a-kind photos and wow your social media followers. To do it, upload your photo to the app. Then, tap “Tools” and navigate to “Clone.” From there, you’ll see a scale where you can adjust your brush size.

Alternatively, you can tap the “Smart Brush” feature, which will automatically look for objects you might want to clone. Next, draw or select the area of your photo that you’d like to clone, and press “Clone” on the right-hand side of your screen. Voila, your object will be cloned, and you’ll be able to change its size, move it around on your image, and even blend the edges. When you’re finished, you can tap “Select another object” to make additional edits, or you can click the green checkmark to finish your editing. The possibilities for editing with this tool are unlimited — you can duplicate yourself side by side, creating an awesome, eye-catching image.

#2. Clone Objects