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Photo Editing

How to Edit Photo Background: 4 Aesthetic Phone Backgrounds Ideas

Apr 8, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Any social media user knows there are millions of ways to customize your photos. Whether it be with filters, text, frames, or even an aesthetic background, anyone can change the entire look of their photo with just a few taps. Backgrounds, in particular, can add another dimension to your images and make them stand out from the rest in a never-ending social feed.

A really good background can add even more emphasis to your photo, not detract from its intended focus, whether that’s you, a group of friends, or a mountain range. Ultimately, you’re sharing the photo because of its content, tone, and vibe — the background is here to enhance it all.

Aesthetic Backgrounds for Edits on YouCam Perfect

In this article, we’ll be sharing the four best free aesthetic backgrounds for edits you can use on your photos with the fun and easy-to-use YouCam Perfect app. YouCam Perfect is the premier photo editing app on the market, allowing you to edit your photos in a variety of ways. You can remove unwanted objects, create double exposure, animate your photos, and much more.

The app is filled with a library of creative backgrounds for your photos, so the only limit is your own creativity. Although we’re only sharing four aesthetics here, YouCamPerfect offers many more categories to choose from, some even highlighting your favorite characters, holidays, and patterns.

YouCam Perfect 7-Day Free Trial

Upgrade for premium to get unlimited access to even more creative designed backgrounds. Get thematic for every holiday, life moment, season, and event. We have you covered for all of your must-have aesthetic backgrounds for your Instagram photo edits.

YouCam Perfect Try Now

Aesthetic Background for Edits

To begin, you’ll want to download and open up the YouCam Perfect app on your Apple or Android device. Then, head over to “Photo Edit” and scroll to “Backgrounds.” Now that you’re in the app and exploring all the available background options, let’s get ready to edit.

#1. Art Aesthetic Backgrounds

With one of YouCam Perfect’s free art aesthetic backgrounds, you can turn your photos into museum-ready displays. With a variety of art deco-like patterns, you bring more color and modern shapes to your photos, giving them a beautiful contemporary vibe. 

YouCam Perfect Try Now

Abstract lines, watercolor graphics, and bold colorways are all right at your fingertips when you download the free YouCam Perfect app.

#2. Classic Aesthetic Backgrounds

If you’re aiming for a classic photo and want to accentuate it with a taste of tradition, go for YouCam Perfect’s collection of classic aesthetic backgrounds for edits.

YouCam Perfect Try Now

With muted patterns and popular retro styles, you can help keep the focus on your photo’s content instead of the background, as stunning as it might be.

#3. Fashion Aesthetic Backgrounds

Whether you’re a fashionista or not, we all know that the right motifs can only enhance the beauty of an already great photograph. With the lively patterns within YouCam Perfect’s fashion aesthetic backgrounds, you’ll be transported right to fashion week.

YouCam Perfect Try Now

These bold and fashionable patterns draw attention to the subject of the photo, giving it that extra dose of indulgence.

#4. Scenery Aesthetic Backgrounds

It’s no secret that we all want to double tap on photos that showcase a beautiful location, whether it be a tropical island or a local park.

YouCam Perfect Try Now

With YouCam Perfect’s collection of scenic aesthetic backgrounds for edits, you can truly let your followers virtually travel to a new destination just with your photo. Allow them to visit cities around the world, or even under the sea with SpongeBob SquarePants, all with just a few taps.

Download YouCam Perfect: Your Aesthetic Photo Background Editor

No matter what aesthetic background you choose to edit your photo, make sure that it’s enhancing it, not overpowering the image. While a bold selfie or portrait might be able to stand up to a strong background like an animal print, your dreamy nature or landscape photo might be better suited for a background with muted colors and patterns.

Download YouCam Perfect

Regardless of what background and other edits you’re looking to add to your photo, you can find them all on the YouCam Perfect app! Looking for even more aesthetic backgrounds for your photo edits? Get even more premium backgrounds now by downloading the YouCam Perfect for either Apple or Android to get started!

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