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Photo Editing

How to Create Fun Summer Photos with Fruit-Inspired Editing

Jul 15, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Summer is full of sunlight, poolside days, and fruit! There are so many fresh fruits in season during this time, and they all look and taste great.If you’re a fan of tasty tropical spreads, why not take some awesome pictures of fresh fruits (and with them!) to enhance your precious summer memories? The bold colors of summer fruits make them a beautiful focal point in many photos.

Read on to discover YouCam Perfect photo editing tips and tricks for the best and most creative fruit photos ever. And if you’d like to add even more pizzazz to your snaps, discover five ways to add summer vibes to your photos.

YouCam Perfect: Take Your Summer Pictures to the Next Level

If you’re looking for the ultimate photo editor for making your summer photos pop, look no further than YouCam Perfect. It’s the best free photo editing app that provides all the tools you need to express your creativity.

Any time you snap a few delish fruit photos, it’s simple to edit them into stunning masterpieces. Make the bright pink inside a watermelon pop just a little more, or turn those blueberries you’re holding into a composition that will make everyone salivate. Some of the most vibrant fruits in season at the height of summer include:

  • Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Melons
  • Plums
  • Peaches

These are just a few ideas. Want more inspiration for your summer fruit-themed snaps? Find our tips below.

#1. Meet New Summer Animated Effects: Fruit Popsicle and Sunshine

Bring your summer fruit photos to life with YouCam Perfect’s new animated effects. The tantalizing effects will seemingly jump off the screen, instantly making the viewer hungry for the sweet nectar of their favorite fruits.

Cascading delicious fruit popsicles and dazzling rays of sunshine instantly conjure those summer vibes you’re riding. They’ll take an otherwise ordinary photo and make it a classic snap that just screams fun in the sun. To elevate your fruit snaps with the tap of a button, just:

  • Open your photo in the editor.
  • Click on the “Animation” button.
  • Scroll over to the “Summer” category.
  • Choose the fruit Popsicle effect you love! Try it now!

#2. Clothes Made of Fruits

Want to get even more creative in your composition? Revive the old trend of using fruits to create an optical illusion of clothes.

You can do this by artistically arranging the fruit in your photos to create the illusion. Or, you can just add in the fruit in the YouCam Perfect app after the fact.

That process is easy enough — just open your background photo, then click the “Add Photo” button in the menu. You can then overlay a picture of fruit on top of your body and then erase and blend it so it merges perfectly with the picture of you. Try it now!

Need some inspiration? Here are some fun fruit outfits you can try:

  • A watermelon skirt
  • A banana mini dress
  • A strawberry bikini
  • A kiwi shirt

#3. More Fruit Edit Inspiration From Daily Life