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Photo Editing

Remove Acne and Retouch Your Photo to Create Natural-Looking Selfies

Jun 25, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Summer is officially here and, let’s be honest, our skin doesn’t always look the best during these hot summer months. We get sweaty, greasy, shiny, and our skin tends to break out a lot. You’ve probably tried concealers, facial blotting sheets, plumping serums, and many more products but haven’t had tons of luck. Even if you can’t achieve the skin look you’re for with products this summer, a selfie editing app might be just the thing for you.

If you want to fix the aftermath of the scorching summer heat while still taking perfect selfies all summer long, you need to download the YouCam Perfect app! With the app’s features, you can easily remove the oily look and any acne you may have, while also quickly smoothing out your skin.

YouCam Perfect: Your Ultimate Photo Editing Tool Kit

The YouCam Perfect app has everything you need to create perfect images, no matter what your original photo looks like. From photo editing tools to beautifying features, we’re going to guide you in exploring what YouCam Perfect has to offer. In this article, we’ll focus on the tools that will help you create perfect summer selfies: the acne remover feature, the oil absorption effect, and the skin smoother tool.

1. Achieve Glowing, Acne-Free Skin

It’s no secret that during hot summer months, our skin tends to break out more. You might have some surprise blemishes on your forehead or persistent pimples on your chin. Despite these frustrations, don’t let them affect your self-esteem or your photo! Keep taking fun summer selfies, and rest assured knowing that the YouCam Perfect app offers a quick and easy way to erase blemishes. One option is to use the automatic feature, and the other is manual, which gives you different size options to work with.

To use this feature, upload your photo, then navigate to “Beautify.” Then, scroll over to “Acne.” The feature will next ask you to identify the face you want to touch up, as well as the eyes and lips of the subject. The app will start by performing automatic edits, but if you want to make further adjustments, simply tap “Manual,” zoom in on where you’d like to make your edits, and tap the blemishes. Try it Now!

2. Make Your Skin Look Less Oily