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Photo Editing

6 Creative Tips for the Golden Hour Photography

Jul 29, 2021 · 4 minutes read

Looking to add a magical, ethereal glow to your images? Golden hour offers an amazing opportunity to take beautiful photos accentuated by the soft natural light. When you know how to take golden hour photography, you’ll be able to produce stunning imagery even without being a professional. Use the following guide to improve your expertise and capture the perfect golden hour portrait

What Is Golden Hour?

Golden hour occurs roughly one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. It’s a period of the day where the sun is lower than usual in the sky but not obscured by the horizon. This creates a warm, soft, and dreamy aesthetic light with an orange glow that adds radiance to photos. Skin tones look more flattering in portraits, and longer shadows paired with bright sun give photos a dramatic composition.

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You can check when golden hour is happening specifically in your area or you can just start watching before sunset — you’ll know the golden hour sky has arrived when everything takes on a fiery radiance.

Before you head out with a camera in hand, you’ll need to know how to shoot in this specific light condition. Read on to discover the tips for the best golden hour shots and learn how to edit golden hour photos with YouCam Perfect.

#1. Use YouCam Perfect’s Golden Hour Aesthetic Effects