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Photo Editing

How to Whiten Teeth in Photos and Break Into a Smile

Jun 12, 2021 · 3 minutes read

When someone points a camera at you, you’re most likely going to smile, and for good reason! It’s always a good idea to smile for photos because smiling instantly makes you look more attractive, and others will naturally feel drawn to you when you smile. However, sometimes we get caught by surprise and forget to smile, or we might feel a little self-conscious about our teeth. Whatever the reason might be, YouCam Perfect is here to help you show off those pearly whites and flaunt your smile.

Teeth whitening and facial retouching can be costly, as well as dangerous. Some teeth can be sensitive to the chemicals in teeth whitening, and it can cause painful results. Those interested in touching up their smile are also likely aware of the difficulties. Painful shots can be inconsistent, and you might even create a bigger issue than you originally started with. For these reasons and many more, lots of people go the route of a photo editing app, like YouCam Perfect!

Selfie Retouch Is Easy With YouCam Perfect

If you happen to take a less-than-perfect picture, no worries! The YouCam Perfect app makes the photo editing process fun and easy. Plus, it’s much more than just a simple photo editing app, it offers a plethora of beautifying tools as well.

Embrace your smile in every photo with the “Smile” and “Teeth Whitener” tools, which we’ll talk all about in this article.

#1. How to Edit Smile: Grin From Ear to Ear

Did you have the perfect photo opportunity but was taken by surprise and smiling didn’t happen? Or, are you not happy with how your smile looks in the photo? Don’t worry, the YouCam Perfect app can help! Simply upload the photo you’d like to edit. Then, tap “Beautify” on the bottom of the screen, and navigate to “Smile.” From there, you will see a small grid appear over your smile. If needed, adjust its positioning. When doing so, position the plus sign right in between your top and bottom lips, in the middle of your smile. Make sure that the curved lines on the sides are positioned on the outside corners of your smile. Next, drag the slider at the bottom of the screen to move the corners of your mouth and adjust your smile in just a few taps. You can adjust your grin with a range from 0 to 100, and you can even see the before and after of the effect. Try it now!

Remember when editing your photo that you want your smile to look enhanced, but still natural! A smile that is too big can be a telltale sign of a photo that was edited, so make sure you’re keeping your enhancements to a reasonable level.

#2. Teeth Whitener Tool: Show Off Your Perfect White Teeth

Gleaming white teeth are everyone’s dream, but it can be costly and time-consuming (and painful) to achieve that effect in real life. For that same look in just a few taps, turn to the YouCam Perfect app! It’s easy, painless, and a safe alternative to actual teeth whitening. To get started, upload the photo you wish to edit. Then, tap “Beautify” at the bottom of your screen. From there, navigate to the “Teeth Whitener” feature. Once there, you’ll be able to adjust the dots on your smile to outline it with more specificity. Then, use the glider at the bottom of your screen to turn up the whiteness! You can adjust the intensity from 0 to 100, going from the most natural beam to a Hollywood-like grin, or anything in between. Real-life teeth whitening can be very expensive, and it doesn’t last forever, so you might also use this feature to see what you’d look like with your desired shade before undergoing any treatment. Try it now!