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5 Tips for the Best Instagram Makeup Selfies in 2021

Jul 1, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Standing out on Instagram is all about maximizing your selfie game. After all, if you don’t look stunning and vibrant in a snap, your followers are likely to just keep scrolling. But when you maximize your look with a trendy makeup style like e girl, soft girl, or Instagram baddie look, you’ll instantly pop on everyone’s feed. Here are a few tips on how to take a good selfie for Instagram so you can look your best and score in the likes department.

5 Tips to Take a Good Makeup Selfie for Instagram

In addition to basic things like having good lighting and avoiding background clutter, there are a few more things you can try to make your Instagram selfies pop. We recommend five main tips for the best Instagram selfies, all of which you can achieve by using the free YouCam Makeup app.

There’s no need to drag out your makeup palette — add in your Instagram makeup virtually to avoid the mess. Below are the top 5 Instagram Makeup tips you can create easily with the free YouCam Makeup app.

#1. Add Instagram Baddie Eyelashes

Instagram is special for its full-screen view. Any image you upload will fill up the entirety of a user’s phone screen when they’re scrolling through their feed. This means that a close-up image with a focus on eye makeup can easily grab a user’s attention. They’ll be lured into the depths of your eyes as they try to see into your soul.

Eyelashes are also the essential makeup element for the trendy “Instagram baddie” style. Basically, an Instagram baddie is a person who’s always on trend and looking their best, whether that’s with on-point brows, perfectly styled outfits, or in this case, popping eyelashes.

Don’t know how or don’t have time to apply false eyelashes in real life? YouCam Makeup is here to help. Add false eyelashes effortlessly with YouCam Makeup. Your followers will rave over your luscious new lashes, all without realizing you added it in post-snap. Try Eyelashes Now!

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#2. Change Hair Color