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Teeth Whitening: The Best App to Instantly Whiten Your Smile

Jul 19, 2021 · 4 minutes read

There’s no denying the allure of a bright, white, beautiful smile, and thanks to a clever teeth-whitening app, those pearly whites are just a tap away. While oral hygiene is a top priority in maintaining a bright smile, coffee, soda, and dozens of other drinks and foods can regularly dull teeth. Thanks to the virtual makeup app YouCam Makeup, whitening your teeth in a photo is as easy as a tap. It’s the genius one-second trick to achieve a glowing Red Carpet-worthy smile that rivals your favorite celebrity like Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts.

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3 Steps to Perfect Your Smile with A Teeth Whitening App

YouCam Makeup is a virtual beauty app that gives users the power to discover and experiment with makeup and effects with the tap of a button. Powered by AR and AI technology, the app helps users play with a rainbow of beauty products and colors and retouching features that help you brighten and whiten your smile. Here are three simple steps you can do to perfect your smile with YouCam Makeup.

#1: Use Teeth Whitener

Natural teeth whitening is one of the most popular features in the YouCam Makeup app. 

YouCam Makeup's teeth whitening tool provides a slider for users to adjust whitening intensity, in order to provide the most natural effect.

Here are the easy steps to whiten teeth for your selfies:

  1. Open the free YouCam Makeup app
  2. Tap "photo makeup"
  3. Pick the selfie you want to edit
  4. Select “retouch”, and then Teeth Whitener

From there, you can use a toggle to adjust the brightness and intensity to find the perfect natural white to fit your complexion.

#2: Add Lip Color

Adding bright lip color can help frame a bright white smile. 

Vibrant lip color is a perfect compliment to frame a bright white smile. It creates a natural frame that makes your teeth the focus. To find the perfect bold lip color to highlight your smile and compliment your complexion, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the free YouCam Makeup app
  2. Tap "photo makeup"
  3. Pick the selfie you want to edit
  4. Select "makeup", then the "Lip" category

In the "Lip" category, you can choose from single color, two-toned lips, ombre effects, or lip art, along with browsing over 55 colors and 7 textures (like gloss, shine, and matte) to find the perfect lip color match to pair with your smile.

#3: Adjust Smile

A useful smile adjusting tool can add highlights to brighten your smile.

YouCam Makeup’s advanced features also allow you to adjust the shape of your smile. This means editing that little smirk into a natural full-blown, face-filling smile with a tap.

To adjust your smile,

  1. Open the free YouCam Makeup app
  2. Tap "photo makeup"
  3. Pick the selfie you want to edit
  4. Tap "Retouch", then "Smile

Enjoy using the indicators to adjust the size and lift of your smile.

Download the free YouCam Makeup app now, and experience the powerful retouching features for teeth-whitening to help you achieve the perfect smile in seconds!

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