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Free Face Editor App: How to Retouch Your Face Like a Pro

Apr 9, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Looking for that effortless glowing complexion in photos, but are battling pesky blemishes and unwanted breakouts? Look no further — the free face editor app YouCam Makeup is here to help! Whether it’s an all-nighter resulting in dark circles and eye bags, or too much coffee and tea leading to stained teeth, we’ve all been there.

The All-in-One Face Editor App

The free YouCam Makeup app face editing tools have you covered with all the retouching technology you desire, just a few easy swipes away. Whether you’re trying the latest makeup aesthetics or hair color trends, this all-in-one interface also allows fine-tuning of eye bags and redness, dark circles, teeth whitening, face smoothness, uneven skin tone, blemishes, and plenty more.

If you need inspiration or are short on time, YouCam Makeup also delivers hundreds of pre-designed makeup looks ranging from everyday glam to relevant characters, costumes, and themes. While you’re there, make sure to play around with the impressive augmented reality-powered hair color filters ranging from rainbow to realistic shades of blonde and brunette. Quarantine roots, be gone!

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5 Tips to Retouch Your Face Like a Pro

For moments when you want a little extra photo editing, YouCam Makeup is here. There’s no need to download expensive photo editing software or apps — you can snap your photo and do all the editing instantaneously on YouCam Makeup. Pro features, right at your fingertips.

Ready to get started? Follow our guide to retouching your face like a pro, in just a few easy steps.

#1 Remove Red Eye, Eye Bags, and Dark Circles

No time to get ready before a photo? No problem! Whether you slept poorly the previous night or your camera’s flash didn’t fire, you can retouch the areas around your eyes with YouCam Makeup. Never worry about under-eye dark circles and eye bags again while using the slider editing tool.

Tap on each of these individual editing features — “Eye Bag”, “Dark Circles”, and “Red Eye” — to apply them to your photos. As with the face smoother feature, each of these editing tools is adjustable in intensity so you can choose the exact level of editing you want. Try it now!

#2 Shape Facial Features

Ever wonder what it's like to transform into one of your favorite characters or celebrities? YouCam Makeup has impressive facial retouching features that allow you to adjust your eyes, lips, nose, jaw, chin, and more to morph into anyone that you can imagine. Stepping up your cosplay game and taking you to magical worlds, all with a few, simple swipes! Remember the face you have is perfect for you, but it's always fun to unleash your creativity and explore the possibilities. Try it now!

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#3 Whiten Teeth

The secret to a million-dollar smile in photos has never been easier. YouCam Makeup’s teeth whitener tool will instantly brighten your pearly whites, no whitening strips necessary. The game-changing slider tool allows you to adjust levels of brightness, making it as natural and customizable as possible for all complexions. Try it now!

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#4 Correct Redness, Uneven Skin Tone, and Blemishes

Breakouts tend to sneak up when you least expect it, and most times, the timing couldn't be worse. Whether you’re dealing with a breakout or temporary redness, eliminate any uneven skin tones or marks using the YouCam Makeup app's tools.

Customize your photo editing with the “Redness”, “Uneven Skintone”, and “Blemish” edits, and YouCam Makeup’s technology will automatically detect redness and uneven skin tone to target those areas, leaving you with a picture-perfect complexion. The intuitive app technology can automatically detect the exact areas that need a little extra treatment, and it applies the edits for you. No extra work necessary. Try it now!

#5 Even Skin With Face Smoother

If you’re tired of layers and layers of makeup to achieve that picture-perfect smooth skin, the Face Smoother function is your go-to for last-minute photo ops. This simple feature requires just one tap — click on “Smoother” — and YouCam Makeup offers an easy-to-use slider button to customize the desired look.

Use the slider to adjust the level of the effect, from 0 to 100, and you’ll see the edits happen right in front of your eyes. This quick-fix also boasts the benefits of no clean-up required or having to re-purchase expensive products. Smooth skin at your fingertips, we’ll take it. Try it now!

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Try Pro Face Editing Tools Now!

Retouching your photos should be simple and customizable to each individual and every photo. Life can be complicated, but YouCam Makeup’s face editor app is as easy as they come! These beginner-friendly tools make face retouching easier and more fun than ever before.

Get started now and download YouCam Makeup, the free face editor app, for iOS and Android.

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