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Video Editing

5 Hottest Summer Makeup Looks For Your TikToks

Jul 2, 2021 · 4 minutes read

Summer is right around the corner, with the sun, blue skies, and warm winds. It’s the perfect time to refresh your makeup game and have a little fun with your beauty looks. Scrolling through TikTok and Instagram, you’ll see a lot of inspiring ideas for creating cute summer makeup looks for yourself. From festival makeup looks to easy and cute summer makeup looks, there’s tons of ways you can create your ideal beauty style for the summer. If you’re stuck for inspiration there are some fun ways you can discover a hot new makeup look for summer.

One way to discover a new look for summer is to try out some makeup looks on your TikToks, with a selfie video editor app like YouCam Video. Scroll through tons of different makeup looks to try out a variety of cute summer makeup looks instantly on your selfie videos. From simple monochromatic makeup styles to more glamorous festival makeup looks, there’s a summer makeup look to suit your personal TikTok aesthetic.

Read on to find out more about some of the amazing makeup styles you can find in the YouCam Video app and maybe discover a cute summer makeup look just for you.

All-Out Summer Makeup Look: Glitter Festival Makeup Look

Although we said it’s for a festival, actually this look is super cute all the time! When you want to wow your TikTok followers try on a super eye-catching look like this nature inspired glitter-fest. This look is inspired by rainfall but it’s better than that, with sparkling gems that look more like stars falling than raindrops. Combined with a sparkling pink glitter eye makeup, lush lashes and a glossy pink lip, this is a stunning summer makeup look for you to try out on your selfie videos.

Soft Girl Style Summer Makeup Look: Fake Freckles

Influencers creating fake freckles or enhancing their natural freckles have been around for a while and it looks super cute. Makeup styles that enhance freckles or create the illusion of freckles are fun to play around with when you want to change up your style. Pink Crush is a unique take on the freckles trend in that it recreates freckles with small hearts! Heart freckles across the nose, combined with a glossy pink lip make this look perfect for those who like soft girl style makeup. It is also a cute makeup look to try for the summer.