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YouCam Tutorial

AI-powered makeup tutorial platform for hyper-realistic AR and engaging step-by-step makeup learning
YouCam Tutorial
AI-powered makeup tutorial platform for hyper-realistic AR and engaging step-by-step makeup learning

Step-by-step Interactive Tutorials

YouCam Tutorial enables your makeup artists to create interactive, step-by-step, AR makeup instruction videos, which are mapped-out on a customer’s face, teaching them how to correctly apply your makeup products for the best results. Empower your customers to learn how to achieve the perfect makeup look at their own pace, with unlimited replay possibilities.
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Easy and Precise Tutorial Creation Process

The makeup tutorial creation is based on customizable face chart - a familiar tool for most makeup artists. It is equipped with pattern recognition that creates a canvas, restricting the makeup application to different parts of the face. A wide variety of makeup applicators and brushes, combined with Apple Pen support, closely mimic the real-life makeup application process.

Cloud Console

The Cloud Console is the primary command center where you can initiate a new tutorial, store the completed ones, and render the final video with AR animation.

Virtual Makeup Artist

The Virtual Makeup Artist is an iOS app used to create the step-by-step tutorials with the help of an Apple Pencil.

Tutorial Player

The Tutorial Player lets you render the finished tutorial and export it to be viewed by your customers, either on your website, or via a smart mirror in a physical store.
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Stress-Free Makeup Application Learning Experience - Learn Makeup Skills with Confidence

YouCam Tutorial is a brand new solution to help users master makeup application techniques for their desired looks. The platform provides a comfortable learning environment, giving users complete control of the learning pace, one step at a time.
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Powered by Cutting-edge Beauty Tech

Impress your customers with the state-of-the-art AR makeup tutorials. Leveraging our proprietary AgileFace® technology to deliver ultra-accurate face tracking. End users can now enjoy extremely precise makeup product application that stays in the correct position with head movements, allowing them to examine the look and see the tutorials form multiple angles.

Personal Virtual Makeup Coach for Your Customers

Each highly realistic and inclusive virtual makeup tutorial is like a personal virtual coach, allowing your customers to visualize the step-by-step makeup application process on their own faces. The makeup techniques are tailored to the users' unique facial features, so the customers will know how to use your products properly and get the most out of them.

Friction-less E-commerce Integration

While mastering the makeup steps, users can take advantage of the integrated e-commerce capabilities and purchase related products and tools needed to complete the desired look with the tap of a button.

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