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YouCam for Web (Enterprise)

Update Your Site with a Complete Makeover Experience

Flexible Capability On Request

Set up virtual product try-on on your desktop, mobile site, or app webpage to reach more customers trying your products. Customers can also speak with a consultant via Web Beauty Advisor 1 on 1 service.

Advanced AI & AR Technologies Bring True-to-life Results

Higher frame rate (30fps) and higher resolution (720p) provides hyper-realistic virtual beauty experience. Skin Analysis uses advanced AI technology to provide highly accurate skincare diagnostics.

Innovative Tech Increases Your Site Session & Boosts Sales

Customers can upload a photo or use web cam to trial your skincare or makeup products in an instant real-time virtual try out. The more they try the more they buy.

Bring your website to the future with YouCam for Web, an innovative virtual try-on experience.

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