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AgileFace® Tracking Technology

Ultra Precise Face Tracking Technology for the Best Virtual Try-On Experience

What is AgileFace® Tracking Technology?

AgileFace® is a patent-pending face tracking technology that enables an ultra accurate virtual makeover with extreme performance.

Who is AgileFace® Tracking Technology for?

AgileFace® is designed for beauty brands and beauty retailers of all sizes who are striving to provide the absolute best virtual try-on experience in terms of accuracy, speed, and inclusivity.

Extraordinary Face Tracking Performance

Why AgileFace® is the best Face Tracking in the industry?
  • 200%* improvement for jitter-free tracking
  • 20%* increase in face landmark tracking accuracy
  • Over 200+ facial landmark tracking points in real-time
  • Highest level of precision leading to a fully inclusive virtual try-on experience, encompassing facial attributes across all ethnicities & ages
  • Energy efficient facial tracking for optimal virtual try-on experience
* Reference statistic only, results will vary based on device configuration, platform traffic, and other factors.

Remarkably Accurate & Hyper-Personalized Virtual Try-On Experience For All Beauty Shoppers

AgileFace® exactitude and ultra precision provide a unique, all-embracing, and highly personalized virtual try-on experience for all facial features across all ethnic groups, taking into consideration each user’s individual characteristics.

Overall improvements ensuring that virtual makeup is applied properly and stays in place.

First-class virtual try-on experience all beauty shoppers

YouCam Virtual Makeup with AgileFace® Tracking
Competitor T
Competitor M
Competitor P

Unmatched level of face tracking performance

YouCam Virtual Makeup with AgileFace® Tracking
Competitor T
Competitor M
Competitor P

Optimized for Efficiency

AgileFace® allows optimal virtual try-on experience and does not affect the performance or lifespan of the device
The technology works well on all compatible devices and ensures minimal battery drain

Beauty Applications

Increased speed, accuracy, and stability deliver an unparalleled virtual makeup try-on experience both in-store and online, blurring the lines between the physical and virtual consumer shopping journeys

Join industry-leading beauty companies using AgileFace® Tracking Technology to cultivate your business and boost sales.